The “Shinno”, tea and coffee mug is made from the finest porcelain in a delicate ivory color and is ideally suited to the enjoyment of tea and coffee. The design of its subtly- and elegantly-curved shape is based on the Golden Ratio and goes superbly well with the ivory tone of the porcelain. Shimmering softly and silvery inside the mug is the Flower of Life.

Geometry is a branch of mathematics which has to do with physical relationships and a mathematical understanding of our physical world and universe. According to Wikipedia, geometry is “… concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.” (

“Sacred” Geometry has to do with an understanding that different shapes, forms, positions, etc. have different energetic qualities and effects on living organisms, such as people and animals. One could say that most of what is referred to as Sacred Geometry is really the geometry of life and living organisms. That is, the shapes, sizes, proportions and spatial relations which are found throughout the world of nature and living beings.

The ancient Chinese art and science of Feng Shui is one example of the broader category of Sacred Geometry. Feng Shui studies show how the placement of objects in a space, and the form and design of the physical space itself, affect the flow of energy or ‘chi’ within the space. These effects, in turn, affect the feeling, success, and energetic experience of those who are present within the space. Sacred Geometry also is connected to the form and energetics of living systems, and how they are supported by – and interact with – the Earth, moon, the sun, and other heavenly bodies.