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Multi-Tourmaline 8mm

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Multi-Tourmaline 16″ strand has approximately 51 beads.

Multi Tourmaline strands consists of a mix of assorted colours of Black, Green, Pink, Indicolite (Blue), Rubellite (Red), Dravite (Brown).


5 in stock


Green tourmaline is a stone of healing that’s protective, grounding, gentle, and comforting. As the masculine counterpart to the feminine energy of pink tourmaline, it also embodies warrior energy, enhancing vitality and stamina.

Pink tourmaline is a Heart Chakra crystal that embodies all the qualities of the Divine Feminine. Its energy is intuitive, nurturing, healing, and wise. Pink tourmaline heals the heart like no other. It promotes wellness, receptivity, grace, and unconditional love.

Black tourmaline is a Root Chakra gem of divine and psychic protection that creates an energetic shield around you, deflecting negativity and sealing holes in your auric space. It brings awareness, love, and can also prevent the loss of material items. Black tourmaline counteracts energy depletion, wards off nightmares, and generally keeps you feeling safe and well. It connects you with divine wisdom and helps remove stress and tension.

Rubellite is a rare form of red tourmaline that relieves stress and helps re-energize you during times of inner and outer turbulence. Rubellite facilitates integration of the shadow aspects of your psyche and creates space for mental healing.

Blue/Indicolite is a crystal of Spirit and peace, providing for deep meditation and bringing past hurts to the surface for healing

Dravite is a very strong grounding stone that raises one’s stamina, life force, and protective energies. Our root and heart chakras become open and active when working with or carrying Dravite daily.


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