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Tiger Eye, multi coloured

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75-110 pieces/lb


This tumbled variety contains, both the Golden Tiger Eye and Blue Tiger Eye colours.

Blue Tiger’s Eye is a rare stone that does it all: it protects, encourages, relieves stress, and guides. Blue tiger’s eye is a mysterious stone. The blue shade is the rarest variety. Think of blue tiger’s eye as your Counsel Stone, guiding you into perfect balance with yourself, and the Universe.

Golden Tiger’s Eye serves as a companion in difficult situations, as a guide when making tough choices, and is your helping hand on the path toward your highest truth. Tiger’s eye is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, your energy center of willpower and confidence.

Tiger’s eye brings wisdom, courage, protection, discernment, and the gift of foresight. What is coming? And how do you need to prepare? This is a companion in difficult moments, a stone used for consultation on wisdom and direction. Tiger’s eye can be used in meditation work for guidance, discernment and clarity.

  • Only available in small tumbled

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