Jasper, Leopard Skin

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Jasper, Leopard Skin

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Med: 18-25mm , 75-110 pieces/lb


Jasper itself is an opaque quartz, whose name means speckled or spotted stone. The different minerals and the locations where it’s found determine the color qualities of jasper. The spots and patterns on leopard skin jasper resemble animal skin, flowers, snowflakes, and sea life, each piece so uniquely lovely, in hues of pink, green, yellow, and brown.

Leopard skin jasper is sacred to Native Americans, who consider it their stone ally in ceremonial work. It connects us with our spirit animals and can be worked with in shamanic journeying as well. It’s a powerful channeling stone, enhancing deep spiritual meditation while keeping you safely grounded. Leopard skin jasper also helps you integrate the wisdom of spiritual experiences and is overall a protective, supportive ally.

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