Himalayan Salt Lamps 6-7″ – come with power cord and bulb

The salt in these lamps comes from the Himalayas, a mountain range that stretches about 1,500 miles across Pakistan, India, Bhutan, and Nepal.

True Himalayan salt lamps come from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. The salt this mine produces has a reddish, pink, or off-white color.

Benefits of a salt lamp in your space:

Relieves Stress

The white light and positive ions surrounding us all the time also cause a significant amount of stress on our minds. Lighting the room with a couple of salt lamps will really help you in relieving some of that stress.

Reduces Fatigue

Looking at screens all the time can cause fatigue. Salt lamps can combat some of the fatigue and make you somewhat energetic again.

Helps You Sleep Better

Salt lamps, with their warm glow, make an excellent nightlight which can induce a peaceful and restful sleep.

Increases Focus

Blue light also causes agitation and distraction. Warm light from a salt lamp will help you out in improving your focus on your work.

De-stresses the Eyes

The warm, orange glow from a salt lamp is much better for the eyes than the clinical lights we are used to. Your eyes will feel much more relaxed by the warm glow of salt lamps.