Botswana Agate (Grey banded Agate)

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Botswana Agate (Grey banded Agate)

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75-110 pieces/lb


Botswana agate is a gentle stone for transformation and manifestation. It helps you bring your unique gifts forward in the world and invokes the Muse to support you as you engage your creative spirit. Agate is a crystal of strength, focus, and emotional stability. It attracts love and kindness to you and is a master healer.

Botswana agate helps you bring your innate gifts forward and into the world. Activating the Sacral Chakra, it invokes the muse to support you as you engage your creative spirit. At the same time, its gentle, kind vibrations offer you refuge and comfort. Each stone has unique markings and it’s said that the markings on your piece have messages for you about how to use your creative gifts to be of service to those around you.

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