Blue Mist Lemurian Crystal from Columbia were formed over 100 million years ago .  These crystals form as nearly perfect straight columns, usually with highly symmetrical terminations. Like all Lemurian crystals, they display multiple horizontal ladder-like ridges on their body surfaces. Most uniquely, the interiors of these crystals almost all contain wispy sprays of  ‘fog’ with a very slight tinge of blue.

Crystal Healing: Lemurian Mist Crystals emanate currents that are simultaneously very powerful, and very soft. They have the ability to transport one’s awareness to other realms, and they do this gently, yet profoundly. Lemurian Mist Crystals can also activate one’s latent capacities for psychic and empathic awareness on all levels.

All the specimens are  2cm -2.5 cm,  we will energetically choose the best match for you.