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Blue Topaz A GRADE

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MEDIUM: 18-25MM, 75-110 PIECES/LB

SMALL: 12-20MM, 150-250 PIECES/LB


Blue topaz is a calming stone, helpful for those with anger management issues. It is also very helpful for trauma recovery and assists those who’ve been through deeply hurtful experiences. When emotions feel erratic or can’t find center; blue topaz calls you into present time and helps you feel balanced, calm, and well.

Blue topaz. It was revered in ancient times as a talisman of luck and protection. The Romans believed blue topaz had supernatural powers and could cure any illness. Today, we know this sparkling aqua gem is a deep emotional healer and bringer of clarity. It helps you see and integrate the wisdom of what has happened to you in the past, so you can use it for a present and future of Higher Good.


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