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Chevron Amethyst

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Chevron amethyst, also known as banded amethyst and dream amethyst, is a combination of amethyst and white quartz. The bands reveal the different layers of stones and in these pieces you get the peaceful, balancing properties of amethyst and the purifying, healing properties of white quartz.


Chevron Amethyst aka Dream Amethyst is noticeably different from regular amethyst. It has a Quartz V or Chevron Pattern mixed in with the purple Amethyst. As this stone combines two minerals into one, it is more powerful than Amethyst.

Chevron Amethyst activates the Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star Chakras. It connects you to the higher realms, your angels, and spirit guides. Dream amethyst is a powerful crystal for enhancing psychic ability and deepening intuition. It also protects and purifies the aura, wards off negative energy, eases addiction, and promotes restful sleep. Work with this crystal to experience a powerful connection to the heavens and to yourself.

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