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Atlantisite is the name given to a powerful stone that combines Stichtite and Serpentine. … This mineral color ranges from a very pale green to dark ivy green with purple spots of Stichtite throughout. Atlantisite is on the rarer side of gems and is one of the most powerful forms of Serpentine, next to Infinite.

We have a very large collection of 30x40mm Stone Pendants.  Each on is drilled with a slightly larger hole, specifically for 1.5mm leather or for a 1.2 mm snake chain
They are online for 5.00 each, if you purchase it the store they are $7.00 each.
You have a choice of
Dalmatian Stone, Green Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Rhodonite, Citrine, Black AgateBlue Lace Agate