9.5″ Selenite Tower Lamp

  • White
  • Crystal (gypsum)
  • Translucent
  • Subject to water damage (pourus)
  • Pleasant and uplifting to look at
  • Selenite is a calm stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work.


  • Balance energy.
  • Have a cleansing effect that removes negative influences of all kinds.
  • Assist judgment, conscious understanding and insight.
  • Stabilize emotions.
  • Assist healing at an energetic level and may be useful for people who are suffering from chronic illness such as chronic pain syndrome, chronic fatigue, skin disorders, back or other chronic pain.
  • Reverse the effects of “free radicals.”

Selenite constantly recharges and cleans itself. It can cleanse, recharge, and program your crystals and gemstones as well. (Place any crystal, specimen, or pocket stone you have been working with on top of your lamp. )


  • Selenite is a fibrous crystal with natural fissures and fibers running lengthwise and will sometimes shed, so please be careful.
  • Selenite lamps are for indoor use only. They are will be affected by moisture, so please do not use any water to cleanse these lamps.(Blow dry, or dry cloth).