3.85- 3.5″ Crystal carved Ganesha.  Made from Clear Crystal Quartz. Ganesha is the most prayed to god in the Hindu religion.

Ganesh is the son of the God Shiva and the Goddess Parvathi, and the brother of Kartikeya. Parvathi gave birth to Ganesh when she made him out of pieces of clay from her own body.

He is described as having a human body and the head of an elephant, with only one tusk. Although the number of limbs he has varies according to lore, he is typically depicted with four arms, in which he carries a goad and a noose.

He is drawn with a big, round belly – perhaps because he carries a bowl of dumplings!

Although there are many tales of how Ganesh lost his tusk, the favorite is that while guarding his sleeping parents; Parashurama, disgruntled with Ganesh for being denied entry to Mount Kailash, engaged him in battle.

Although Ganesh fought valiantly and was set for victory, Parashurama threw his ax at Ganesh’s head, thereby severing his tusk. Ganesh took the hit without resistance because the ax was a gift from Shiva