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Hi, My name is Ash and I am the owner of Rainbow Minerals (RM).  RM is a local company, a Canadian company, and I am very proud to be the owner of a local shop.  I wanted to have this platform to encourage people to support our Local economy. So, I will continually post the local places I buy from, I visit and I encounter as I spend my money in my Local economy- Ottawa-

I encourage you to do the same, you know that they say that every time you buy from a local artist, entrepreneur, creator , they do a small jig?  well they do- or at least I do!!

Only You Esthetics
Address: 94 Hawthorn Avenue, Ottawa, ON
K1S 0B1
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I have bee going to Only You Esthetics for 12  years.  I only see Tara Sheehan, the owner.  She is fantastic!  Her Spa uses DERMALOGICA and I am in love with that product.
You can get the full Spa experience, mani, pedi, wax and facial. BOOM! BEAUTY!
Tara is thoughtful caring and dedicated to making my skin the best it can be!  You have to give her a try, maybe I'll bump into you while I'm there!

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Address: 1735 Courtwood Cres., Ottawa, ON, K2C 3J2, Canada
K2C 3J2
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Okay!  I just have to say that I LOVE this studio!  I met Christina 4 years ago and I have learned so much from her.
She is the best teacher I have come across.  Her devotion to her students is unbelievable.

Please try to book an online class with her! Her tribe is amazing!

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Leyla Jewelry Shop
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This young lady is talented!  i adore her pieces!  I know I said Local to Ottawa- but Leyla is new to selling her pieces. She is shy, she will never gloat about herself or her talent, so I WILL!
I own 3 pieces of her bird collection and I get so many compliments every time I where them.  her pieces are so whimsical ( did I even spell that right?... well, spellcheck said I did)

She comes to 613FLEA, but this year I don't think any shows will be  happening due to our current circumstances.  So, with that said, please look her
up on Facebook and on Instagram


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