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Botswana Agate Pink
1/4 LB bag small tumbled stone

Price: CAD$6.00 / Each
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Amethyst Dark A
1 LB bag Large tumbled stone

Price: CAD$18.00 / Each
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77 YARDS, ROSE 0.5 mm 3-ply twisted, bonded multifilament ...

Price: CAD$6.50 / Each
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Welcome to Rainbow Minerals & Beading

Prices are being updated due to changing prices of steel
& commodities, please ask for a current price list
before you order
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call us 1-800-469-4697 info@rainbowminerals.com

Featured Products

Draw Plate Italian - Round

> >CAD$199.95

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> >CAD$12.00

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Rawhide Mallet 1" Face Diameter

> >CAD$29.95

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Crimp Tubes 2x2 MM G/F

> >Varies by Qty



> >CAD$57.00

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Slot Anvil

> >CAD$29.95

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